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we will miss you every day ….

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  1. it is so sad …. i cant find words about. Paider was such a great and nice guy. He was a very important member of our community … we will miss you every day …. ;(

  2. I met Peter for the first time in 2010 at the Saltghetto Cup of Wänä81. Although he was very nice to me just like all the others at my first tournament I found him rather closed and kind of grumpy. Over the years I got to know him better and my opinion changed. I realized that the grumpiness was just his way and behind the facade he was an insanely helpful, hospitable and just nice guy. I will never forget my first participation in the Eifel Cup. HeinAir and I were able to stay overnight with Peter and his family. There I also realized how much SWOS meant to him and how much energy he invested in the tournament. This started with organizational things up to the loving design of the certificates. The highlight was the presentation of a handmade SWOS picture on the occasion of my 50th birthday last year. In 2014 and 2015 respectively, both he and I had a serious incident, which we both survived with a lot of luck. This of course welded us together and we were in regular exchange about our health and our progress on the road to recovery. Most recently, we had a lot of fun on the untappd app where we recommended beers to each other. (Greetings to Schulle, Pino, Kindelooney and Romanista). I was unspeakably saddened to learn of Peter’s sudden death. I think to myself that he is watching us all from heaven, wearing his “Sensible Beers” shirt, watching what we are all doing. This thought comforts me a little. Farewell Peter. We will all follow you someday.

  3. Paider and met in Almelo; his brother Thomas was there too. You couldn’t miss the eiffel contingent. I really came to appreciate him at the 2016 and 2019 eiffel cups, where I stayed at his place. We talked a lot about his medical history and how he overcame that. Organizing Swos things really gave him really so much energy!

    And he certainly could organize stuff. I stiff have an Urkunde he made on my well, to remember one the Eiffelcups.

    Thanks for being there always, as a solid rock for our community, with your always cheerful presence, be it at tournaments, online or in the beer app (See Gunnar)..

    We will never forget you

  4. Dear Peter!

    You’ve left this world far too early and it took me a few days to process it.

    Whenever we met, I felt it was a Sensible World for you of being…

    Happy (Hanging out with friends)
    Grumpy (Old PCs not working)
    Delightful (Eifel Cup ceremonies)
    Proud (Winning Cucumber Cup)
    Puzzled (Controller madness)
    Dreadful (Disgusting goals)
    Optimistic (It’s gonna work out)
    Intelligent (You knew your stuff!)
    Tense (KO matches)
    Easygoing (Breakfast times at Sensible Days)
    Amazed (Goals, goals, goals)
    Reluctant (bogus tournament rules)
    Cheerful (supporting his Eifel Crew guys)
    Respectful (towards everyone)
    Supportive (always reliable)
    Sarcastic (red cards & injuries)
    Contented (just being with the boys)
    Satisfied (when everything went smooth)

    A Sensible World of why friends are friends! Because they share their passion for something and they are never afraid to show emotions.

    It will never be the same without you. It feels empty.

    R.I.P., Peter! I miss you!

  5. My heart is still torn apart. Will miss you for the rest of my days, and looking forward to looking to you in PC SWOS on the other side.
    You were allways happy and helpfull and was a very speciel member of the swos community, you will leave a Big hole nobody can replace🥲.
    R.I.P Mate

  6. This is devastating news. Peter was and will forever be one of most recognizable players from the German SWOS community. I’ve had a chance to play against him maybe once or twice and of course lost to him. It amazed me how it’s possible that big guy is so calm and chilled. 🙂 Will remember his smile and positive approach.

    If anyone from his loved ones is reding this – I just wanted to assure you many people are thinking of you and all we can say is Peter will be remembered forever withing this community.

    Sooner or later we’ll have amazing Sensible Days on the other side. I bet everyone will arrive…

  7. I will always remember meeting you at my first offline SWOS tournament Eifel-Xmas-Cup in december 2012. Your relaxed, nice, empathetic nature made it easy for me as a newbie to feel comfortable from the beginning and motivates me to come back every year. I also like to remember every other time I met you, until the last time in may 2022. Thank you for all.

    Danke, dass ich dich kennenlernen durfte.

  8. Thank you so much everyone. We, the Familie, following your comments every day. Thank you for all your sympathy and kind words. It’s good to know he was loved and held a special place in your heart. This site is a great reminder, thanks for the idea.

    With love,
    Peter‘s parents and siblings

  9. It’s really hard to find the right words for what happened. And I have also said many things to family and friends in person.

    I had known Peter since kindergarten – long before he was ever called Pai or Paider. That’s why there are so many memories of shared hobbies and activities.

    Regarding SWOS, it was Pai who had the game first and showed it to us. He had ordered PC SWOS 95/96 and we were hooked right away. His mother sometimes said the phrase of the German commentator “Er hat ihn gehaaaalten!” when we were playing. And his father said at some point that we should also play outside again in the nice weather and not just play SWOS 🙂

    It was also Pai who discovered And he suggested to go to a first “official” SWOS tournament, which was organized by another group from the Eifel in 2005.

    So without Pai, the Eifel Crew would probably never have existed.

    Thanks for everything, my old friend. We’ll keep playing for you – even though we’ll be all the more painfully aware of your loss at every future tournament.


  10. Whenever we met: in university courses, at lunch breaks or at parties – you brought fun to the situation! Thank you. Still unbelievable that you are gone. Rest in peace, Peter.

  11. Peter, you were a wonderful person and it was sad to have to say goodbye to you so soon. The ceremony was BIG and latest I heard ‘Thunder’ I had to think back to our time together in the shared apartement. That are fond memories. Back then you also showed me ‘the real game of football’ after we both tried a new FIFA and found it pretty poor 🙂 It was fun, even if I didn’t turn into a SWOS player.
    It’s still unbelievable and infinitely sad that you are no longer with us now. RIP my friend.
    My condolences to the family.

  12. Thank you so much for your video! This is a very kind gesture..

    thanks everyone else. Your words mean a lot to us. ♥️

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